Medical Image Sharing: Why Your Patients Will Love It

Are your patients demanding better access to their medical imaging? If they aren't yet, they will be soon. While many patients may not yet be aware that there are better ways to access their studies, changing insurance and healthcare landscapes are putting pressure on patients to play a greater role in controlling their own destiny when it comes to their medical records.

That said, when you're undergoing a PACS upgrade, the ability to easily share medical images with your patients likely hasn't historically been your top priority. It's maybe been a "nice to have" instead of a need. Issues such as electronic health record (EHR) integration and mobile access are paramount for most organizations, with electronic medical image sharing several steps behind.

However, online image sharing is an underrated feature that is growing in demand and has the potential to make both you and your patients very happy. Why is that exactly? Read on to find out.

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5 Signs Your PACS Is Out of Date

All technology eventually becomes obsolete, and the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at your hospital or imaging center is no exception. The average lifetime of a PACS is between three and five years, but if you ignore the warning signs when your PACS medical imaging solution begins to near its end of life, you might find yourself in the midst of a crisis when data loss or other disasters strike. Keeping backups might help restore the lost images, but unless you fix the problems with the outdated PACS itself, you'll still have an aging system and a database that's getting larger and larger.

What's more, if you somehow lose a patient study, you could be exposing your practice to legal consequences when the patient needs access to the study and finds out about the loss.

So, what are the top five signs that your PACS is getting old, and what exactly can you do about it?

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Is Dropbox Secure for DICOM Medical Imaging Storage? No! 3 Reasons Why Not

If you’ve ever thought of sharing medical images or any other Protected Health Information (PHI) using Dropbox you are not alone. Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing services and is on millions of desktop computers around the world. Of course HIPAA makes healthcare professionals shake in their boots when they consider whether Dropbox, or any other file sharing system, meets the HIPAA privacy test. But there is way more that you should consider before using file sharing for your medical images.

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What will happen to Obamacare? Healthcare Implications of the US Election

                CNBC | Jill Fromer

By now we have all heard the results of the Presidential Election here in the United States. People around the world have many questions surrounding various topics. In the healthcare space, we are already fielding questions such as:

 “What happens if Trump repeals the Affordable Care Act?”

“What will happen to Obamacare?”

“How does Trump’s election impact my practice?”

Without taking political sides, we are here to help you answer these questions as the situation develops and to plan for what will likely occur.

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Greenway EHR PACS Integration

As part of my education when I first entered the medical imaging market, I met with as many physicians as I could to understand how they used medical imaging in their practice. On one occasion, I met with a set of orthopedists just outside of Albany, New York. We were deep in a discussion about features, functions and frustrations, when one of the doctors turned to me and said, “Of course the most important thing about medical imaging is linking it to the rest of the patient health record.”

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