Why Cloud Storage Makes Sense For Medical Examiners

Medical Examiners have a unique task. They are unlike other specialists that focus on a single aspect of the human body. Instead they focus on the whole. Medical Examiners view countless full body scans in their professional lives. In fact, if you thought a series of head CTs was large, this is a whole new frontier of large data sets. But be warned, if you are using anything other than the Cloud for storing these images, you’re at risk.

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HIPAA vs GDPR – What Do I Need To Know?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) is like HIPAA...and then some. In fact, if you thought HIPAA had high fines, the revised GDPR will give a run for your money. So, do yourself a favor and take the precautions necessary to abide to these new regulations set to go into effect on May 25, 2018....

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Help! My Internet Is Too Slow For My Medical Practice

So, you upgraded to a Cloud based solution, but you realized that your bandwidth is simply too slow for you to really reap all the benefits associated with the Cloud. What now? Well, lucky for you it is 2018 and technology has an answer for everything. The best way to optimize your current solution is to go hybrid.

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Is There A Mobile App To Access Patient Medical Imaging?

Yes and no. It all depends on your business’ infrastructure. If you are using a local onsite PACS solution for the management of your patient’s medical imaging, chances are that you will not be able to access those records remotely from your mobile phone or tablet. However, if you are using a Cloud based solution or if you are considering transitioning to one, here’s how you most certainly can access your patient’s imaging on your mobile devices…

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Why Imaging Centers Need Cloud Access

Still burning CD’s at the end of each patient visit? That is so 1999. If you find that your imaging center has to lengthen each patient’s visit due to burning their images onto physical media and/or mailing those images out to Referring Physicians , fret not - the solution you have been waiting for is here. In fact, this is old news, because this technology has been here for some time now. So, if you are trying to get off the expensive bandwagon of burning CDs and DVDs for every patient you see, continue reading to learn how you can remedy that.

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