How Much Does a New PACS Cost?

Most PACS have a maximum useful life of somewhere in the range of seven to ten years. If yours is nearing that age, you need to begin considering your budget for a new PACS. A PACS of the ’00s vintage (2000-2009) likely was very expensive and static, meaning that it was available almost exclusively within the four walls of your facility and has a fixed amount of storage. You probably purchased the PACS from your modality vendor or from a company with a brand name that made you feel comfortable that your decision would be viewed as “smart.” But since the time you purchased your PACS the world of digital medical imaging has changed! 

So how much does a new PACS cost?

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PACS Requirements for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), 3D Mammography, & Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI)

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Currently, there are disagreements about the appropriate starting age and frequency of mammographic breast scans. However, due to recent governmental recommendations and reduced insurance reimbursement, the frequency of these radiologic visits will likely be delayed to once every two years. Concurrent with these new recommendations, advances in technology have emerged to supplement mammography to enhance the detection of breast tissue tumors without increasing the incidence of false positives. Both new technology and the likely increase in the span between imaging examinations pose challenges to your PACS.

Is your facility prepared to handle these coming changes in breast imaging? This post will help you navigate these issues and outline PACS requirements for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), 3D Mammography, MRI, and Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) that you should consider. 

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Cloud Access to Mammograms Enables Earlier Breast Cancer Detection

A recent study published in the American Journal of Roentgenology shows that early signs of breast cancer can be more easily detected when comparisons to prior mammograms are available. Comparing a current scan with a prior study enables radiologists to identify important changes that can indicate an irregularity, since what is normal varies on a patient-by-patient basis. The only way, however, that prior comparisions can be made is if previous imaging studies are readily available to the physician at the time of diagnosis. Enabling cloud access to mammograms ensures that these comparison images are available wherever and whenever they are needed, thus allowing for earlier detection of breast cancer in patients.

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Why Veterinary Radiology Key Image Notes (KINs) Matter in Reporting

Veterinary radiology reports are the primary means, and sometimes the only method of communication between the radiologist and the referring physician. A good report is not only accurate, but is also clear, concise, and descriptive. An effective radiology report should serve to generate a mental picture of any concerns identified by the veterinary radiologist in the patient’s scan. 

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Veterinary PACS Medical Image Management: 5 Key Things to Consider

The majority of veterinarians are migrating their analog imaging to digital technology. Whether transitioning from Computed Radiography (CR) by replacing film with a digital imaging plate or starting fresh with Digital Radiography (DR), much of their attention has been placed on acquiring the right capture hardware. Often the Picture Archive and Communication System or PACS is neglected or is prescribed by the hardware vendor. The wary veterinarian considering investing in a digital technology will face a myriad of Veterinary PACS medical image management options, vendor pitches, and a virtual Tower of Babel of technology. The task of navigating through these options can be daunting for the typical veterinarian. This article is intended to make your selection process simpler by identifying the most important considerations in selection of your PACS.

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