What is DICOM?

There are so many different formats out there: JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, MOV… the list just goes on and on. While these formats might ring a bell, many people are caught off guard by DICOM. What is it? Plain and simple, DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine. So, if you are in the medical field and trying to figure out what this format is and how it is relevant to you, keep reading.

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Here’s Why Cloud Storage Is The Only Option For Medical Images

Okay, so maybe Cloud storage is not the only option available. The truth is that many radiologists use hard drives, desktop viewing stations, and their local PACS to store medical images. However, what your local PACS distributor and the people behind your viewing station are not telling is you that storing your patients’ medical records and images in any location other than the Cloud is asking for trouble.

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Go Mobile With Your Patient’s Medical Imaging

Having anytime anywhere access to your patient’s medical images can be a life saver. You cannot always have your desktop viewing station with you at all times. It’s physically impossible. If you are on rounds, visiting another facility, or on the go - having the ability to view medical images on a mobile device can save immense time and energy. However, be warned that not all vendors have a solution that is FDA approved that can be viewed on mobile devices. Why not? Glad you asked.

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Five Reasons To Take Your Veterinary Practice To The Cloud

The Cloud has a great deal to offer veterinarians and their businesses. Only when pigs fly will all PACS, image viewers, and veterinary image management solutions be created equal. The proper integration with a Cloud solution can make or break your practice. While everyone has individual needs for the best solution for their situation, there is always room for improvement. Here are five reasons why you need to take your veterinary business to Cloud.

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What is a RIS (Radiology Information System)?

Gone are the days where you would walk into your doctor's office, and they would have to physically pull out your charts and files from a giant rickety cabinet. Everything was paper-based up until the 1990’s. That’s when technology really began to lift off. Since then, most of us have transitioned to adding terms like smart phone, PACS, and RIS to our vernacular. But seriously, what the heck is a RIS?

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