Ask Your IT Department These 5 Questions To Prevent Medical Data Loss!

Every physician understands the need for insurance.  No doctor would practice without it - but have you considered insurance for your medical image storage?  If you store medical images, the Cloud is a very viable alternative that can provide you with the assurances you require.

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How To Optimize Cloud PACS Usage At Multi-Site Medical Practices

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Why Temporary Cloud Storage Is Perfect for Neurologists

Neurologists and doctors in charge of treating strokes and other brain damage often have a limited amount of time in which to act following the onset of symptoms. This time period has been dubbed the "golden hour" since patients who arrive at the hospital within an hour have a much better chance of surviving, receiving effective treatment, and avoiding long-term brain damage.

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Addressing PACS and Medical Image Sharing Security Concerns

This is a guest post by Jyotin Gambhir, of SecureFLO, based in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Security is a crucial topic of conversation when discussing picture archiving and communication system (PACS) options. Image-based medical records are not only considered sensitive information that requires special handling, they also hold value from a cyber security perspective, as hackers and other threat actors seek to obtain secure medical information.

Given that these concerns can translate into significant regulatory, business and legal problems for health care facilities, security around PACS and medical image sharing is a critical conversation to have - but where should you start?

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How Good Is Your Cloud Service Provider's Disaster Recovery Plan?

When you pay to store medical imaging data from your practice in the cloud, you should be secure in the knowledge that your data is protected. If a disaster strikes, is there any chance that your data will be lost? Does your cloud service provider have a plan in place that covers all eventualities?

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