Stop Mailing Medical Images. We Have A Better, Cheaper Solution.

As a referring physician you are used to sending your patients to the specialists that can best serve their needs and address their symptoms. However, once the specialist has completed their workup with plan of treatment along with diagnosis, you remain the steward of the patient. But how do you tend to your patients if you don’t even have timely access to their medical images and records? Glad you asked - we have a solution.

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Why Trauma Surgeons Need Temporary Cloud Storage

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What The Heck Is A RAID Array? Why Do I Need One For Medical Imaging?


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What Do Advancements and Changes in Medical Image Sharing Mean for You?

In previous blog posts, you've been presented with a lot of high-level information giving you a strategic overview of the field of medical image sharing. Naturally, your very next question should be: "What should I actually do with this information?"

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How Much Does Legacy Data Migration Cost for Onsite and Cloud PACS?

When people are in the market for an onsite or cloud-based picture archiving and communications system (PACS) solution, they usually focus on all the shiny new features that they'll be getting. It's often only after they've decided on a solution that they consider how they might be able to migrate their legacy medical data into their new PACS.

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