How to Get Better PACS EHR Integration with Modality Worklist

Imaging centers that produce a high volume of studies every day, or that use multiple modalities, often struggle with their workflow in the face of strong patient demand. If you use DICOM imaging studies, there is a solution: Modality Worklist (MWL).

So, what exactly is MWL, and how can it provide you with a seamless electronic health record (EHR) integration?

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Can Horos Integrate with the Cloud?

If your practice is currently relying on Horos to store medical images, you may want to consider looking toward a cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to provide expanded storage capacity, as well as more robust sharing functionalities.

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How Can Patients Send Physicians an Existing DICOM Medical Imaging Study?

Suppose that a specialist physician in California is corresponding with a patient that has an urgent illness and is located in Texas. He'd like to schedule an emergency appointment. But to properly confirm and address the diagnosis, the physician needs to see the patient's medical imaging studies. Unfortunately, sending a CD through the mail is costly and wastes valuable time, and also runs the risk of the CD getting lost in transit or arriving broken or unreadable.

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Should I Compress DICOM Images?

The Current State of Medical Image Compression

We are often asked by our Purview ViVA cloud clients, "Should I compress DICOM images?"  While we are certainly capable of compressing these images, the topic goes well beyond technical capabilities alone.  

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CSIDQ: A complete set of images of diagnostic quality

At Purview, image sharing is a critical function of PurviewMD, our cloud-based image management platform. Image sharing enables images to be available anywhere, anytime to any healthcare provider. Traditional PACS systems are "closed" within the enterprise making imaging essentially proprietary while image sharing allows unfettered access to patient images no matter where they are acquired. This ultimately has a defining and meaningful impact on patient care!

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