What Is The Best License Model For Horos?

Dear Horos Users and Developers,

As one of the Horos contributors and curators, I want firstly to thank you all for your adoption of Horos, and the donations you have been making to the project. As you may know, we have over 80,000 people using the product at this time, growing by over 5,000 per month. Your loyalty and help is appreciated.

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How Should I View My Imaging?

Cavities, broken bones, and tumors aren’t the only scary things you can find in your medical imaging. In fact, people around the world use Purview products to view images for their own individual purposes. Anthropologists, lawyers, forensic scientists, artists, and medical illustrators are just a few of the unique professions that utilize this technology. Open source desktop viewers and Cloud based web viewers serve different purposes for different needs. Here’s how to determine what viewer is best for you.

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Is OsiriX Leaving Open Source?


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Horos & OsiriX Won’t Let You Collaborate Live...But The Cloud Will

One of the biggest advantages that a Cloud based solution offers is the ability to collaborate with other physicians. Since childhood, the notion of teamwork is drilled into us. However, for the most part, working in concert has been a little difficult in the world of modern medicine. I’m not talking about in the Operating Theater, I’m referring to everything else. Outside that OT or OR, there really is a lack of real time collaboration. But wait! We have good news: you can now put those skills to work as you finally have the resources to collaborate with countless specialists around the world...in real time.

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Can Horos & OsiriX Connect To The Cloud?

The answer is YES! You most certainly can integrate Horos and OsiriX the Cloud. If you are experiencing issues with the capacity or sharing abilities of your current solution being sub par, rest assured, you’re asking the right question. However, while your viewer can connect to the Cloud, you cannot just pick any random Cloud PACS at random. In fact, there are a few conditions and caveats that you need to take into account to determine if a particular Cloud service will integrate with Horos.

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