The Cloud Enables Early Breast Cancer Detection

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Over a million patients are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, globally. Breast cancer, like most aggressive diseases does not discriminate by gender, ethnicity, or age. No one is immune. As a patient, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get screened and regular breast exams. As a physician, it is your duty to diagnose and treat the condition to the best of your abilities. And that’s where we come in. We have some ideas about how you can become more efficient and effective in diagnosing and treating your patients.

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HIPAA Compliance With Sharing Medical Images

The sharing of medical images is something that has and always will be a critical aspect of patient care. The information that medical imaging can provide is extremely valuable. If it is not provided in time, it can very possible lead to a delay in diagnosis, which in very severe cases can mean life or death. Without getting overly dramatic, we want to press the importance of good sharing methods that won’t get you in trouble. That’s right, if you are still faxing, burning CDs and DVDs, or parceling your images...think again.

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Stop Mailing Medical Images. We Have A Better, Cheaper Solution.

As a referring physician you are used to sending your patients to the specialists that can best serve their needs and address their symptoms. However, once the specialist has completed their workup with plan of treatment along with diagnosis, you remain the steward of the patient. But how do you tend to your patients if you don’t even have timely access to their medical images and records? Glad you asked - we have a solution.

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Save Time And Lives. Update The Way You Share Medical Images.

Here’s the thing, we often talk about sharing and its value in the theoretical sense in our blogs. For us, sharing is an important part of fulfilling our mission of enabling the availability of medical images wherever and whenever they are needed for patient diagnosis and treatment. Of course, being in this industry means that over time we have seen and heard our fair share of real life accounts where the immediate ability to share studies has led to significantly improved medical outcomes. That being said, we have also found that there are cases when a local onsite PACS as the sole solution for sharing medical images has led to hindered medical outcomes.

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Need Immediate Access to Patient Images? Look To The Cloud.

Ever had a patient forget their scans? How about being in the situation where you actually received the CD with the medical imaging on time, but the CD itself wouldn’t work on your system? Let's face it, canceling appointments and surgeries due to “technical difficulties” that lead back to a error prone sharing medium like CDs is just sad. We calculated it, and for canceled surgeries due to missing images, it’s tens of thousands of US dollars that go down the drain in a heartbeat...pun intended. Want to avoid this scenario all together? Stop sharing via CDs, upgrade to the 21st century, and invest in a Cloud based solution so you can access images instantly, by the click of a button.

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