Need Immediate Access to Patient Images? Look To The Cloud.

Ever had a patient forget their scans? How about being in the situation where you actually received the CD with the medical imaging on time, but the CD itself wouldn’t work on your system? Let's face it, canceling appointments and surgeries due to “technical difficulties” that lead back to a error prone sharing medium like CDs is just sad. We calculated it, and for canceled surgeries due to missing images, it’s tens of thousands of US dollars that go down the drain in a heartbeat...pun intended. Want to avoid this scenario all together? Stop sharing via CDs, upgrade to the 21st century, and invest in a Cloud based solution so you can access images instantly, by the click of a button.

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Topics: Image sharing, medical imaging access

Why Trauma Surgeons Need Temporary Cloud Storage

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Topics: cloud medical imaging, Image sharing, teleradiologists, medical imaging access, trauma surgeons

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