Here’s Why Cloud Storage Is The Only Option For Medical Images

Okay, so maybe Cloud storage is not the only option available. The truth is that many radiologists use hard drives, desktop viewing stations, and their local PACS to store medical images. However, what your local PACS distributor and the people behind your viewing station are not telling is you that storing your patients’ medical records and images in any location other than the Cloud is asking for trouble.

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Need More Storage For Medical Images With Horos and OsiriX?

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Ask Your IT Department These 5 Questions To Prevent Medical Data Loss!

Every physician understands the need for insurance.  No doctor would practice without it - but have you considered insurance for your medical image storage?  If you store medical images, the Cloud is a very viable alternative that can provide you with the assurances you require.

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Topics: cloud backup, medical imaging storage, medical data loss prevention, backup strategy

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