Why Is PACS Mobile Access So Important?

We’ve talked about the importance of mobile access before for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). The reason being that it's become more clear than ever that mobile devices are central to the future of our communications.

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Topics: PACS, mobile image viewing

How Do I View Medical Images on My iPad or iPhone?


Doctors love their iPads and iPhones. In fact, more than half of the doctors surveyed in a recent Manhattan Research study report using a tablet regularly for professional purposes – especially in point of care situations involving patients. In total, 87% of doctors use a tablet or smart phone in the workplace. This naturally has many physicians asking, “How do I view medical images on my iPad or iPhone?” Well, the short answer is, "with a cloud PACS."

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Topics: cloud pacs, mobile image viewing, ipad

Purview ViVA: Coffee shop, gym, beach or home access

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Topics: mobile image viewing, medical image home access

Tips on Tuesday: DICOM Cine Playback

 For this week's tip we learn how to use the DICOM cine function in ViVA.

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Topics: mobile image viewing, Tips on Tuesday, DICOM cine

Tips on Tuesday: Comparing Medical Images

This week we will learn how to compare medical images from ViVA.

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Topics: mobile image viewing, 3D DICOM viewing

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