What is DICOM?

There are so many different formats out there: JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, MOV… the list just goes on and on. While these formats might ring a bell, many people are caught off guard by DICOM. What is it? Plain and simple, DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine. So, if you are in the medical field and trying to figure out what this format is and how it is relevant to you, keep reading.

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Is OsiriX Leaving Open Source?


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Watch our RSNA '15 Horos Users WEB-Meeting

 Missed Purview at RSNA? Watch it here!

As some of you know, we gave a presentation at RSNA '15 at the Chicago Apple Store. There we met with the Horos community presented them with the progress of the open-source DICOM viewer. Users shared what was most important to them, what they loved, features they desired, and development effort they would like to contribute. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to RSNA or our follow-up web-meeting. 

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