Horos and OsiriX: Are They FDA-Approved?

Those who want to use Horos or OsiriX as a medical image viewer are sometimes concerned as to whether the software has been approved by the FDA. While we will get to the answer, the real question is whether or not Horos or OsiriX meet the standards required for your specific use case.

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Horos vs. OsiriX: What's the Difference?

Horos and OsiriX are the top two medical image viewers for Apple computers. However, the two products have different functionalities and work very differently in many respects. If you're looking for an alternative to your medical image viewing software, or are just interested in what's out there, here's what you need to know about the differences between the two.

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How Do I Burn CDs From Osirix or Horos? 

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Watch our RSNA '15 Horos Users WEB-Meeting

 Missed Purview at RSNA? Watch it here!

As some of you know, we gave a presentation at RSNA '15 at the Chicago Apple Store. There we met with the Horos community presented them with the progress of the open-source DICOM viewer. Users shared what was most important to them, what they loved, features they desired, and development effort they would like to contribute. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to RSNA or our follow-up web-meeting. 

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Why OsiriX & Horos are not the best medical image storage solutions

Learn why OsiriX is not the best medical image storage solution

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We find many OsiriX (or Horos) users end up using the software as a medical imaging storage/archive PACS. After all, the viewer has a built-in SQLite database that stores and organizes DICOM data locally. At first, it seems to do this quite well. But once you start to fill this database with a sizable number of studies, we have found that it begins to falter. The software requires rebooting, its operation slows, and sometimes images get lost. While it’s possible to leverage OsiriX or Horos as an interim local PACS, we don’t recommend it. OsiriX itself is not a sustainable PACS solution.

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