Upgrade Your PACS

If your practice either views or reads images, you are probably acquainted with a PACS. However, are you getting the most out of your solution? Chances are that if you are still using a local PACS, you are not. Upgrading to a Cloud PACS solution can significantly help make your workflow more efficient and effective. Why not save some time and maybe even improve medical outcomes while you’re at it? Here’s a sneak peak at some of the advanced features a Cloud PACS can provide you.

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Save Time And Lives. Update The Way You Share Medical Images.

Here’s the thing, we often talk about sharing and its value in the theoretical sense in our blogs. For us, sharing is an important part of fulfilling our mission of enabling the availability of medical images wherever and whenever they are needed for patient diagnosis and treatment. Of course, being in this industry means that over time we have seen and heard our fair share of real life accounts where the immediate ability to share studies has led to significantly improved medical outcomes. That being said, we have also found that there are cases when a local onsite PACS as the sole solution for sharing medical images has led to hindered medical outcomes.

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How To Connect Horos And OsiriX To A Multi-Location Environment


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How to Save Money on Your PACS

Let’s face it, everyone wants to save money! It doesn’t matter if you are a physician, a hospital administrator, a lawyer - everyone, even your next door neighbor is trying to find a way to save. The healthcare industry is as such that with reimbursements being pinched, looking at your checkbook can become an overwhelming feeling. As a result of trying to be more economical, we all fall into the trap of becoming hesitant to invest in what is required to truly become more efficient in our businesses. For a physician, it might feel safer to gravitate towards the low-cost desktop medical imaging viewer, or perhaps free open source software that runs that on your PC. In fact, you might even want to store your images there. While we applaud your initiative, we have some suggestions on where you can save money. 

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Buying a PACS? Here Are 6 Things It Should Include.

If you run a private practice that uses medical imaging technology in some way, shape or form, you may be confused by the variety of picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) offerings. A PACS can bring multiple benefits to any medical practice, including: simplifying the storage, offering a resilient backup strategy, and efficiently sharing medical images. Determining what is right for you, can be a daunting task. When shopping, however, you need to think about more than just cost. In our experience, the following are critical considerations before investing in any PACS.

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