Missing Medical Images In the Cloud? Get A Medical Imaging Router.


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Customized Cloud PACS for Your Specific Needs

Although cloud-based picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) are in vogue as of late, they're not a panacea for your practice. It's likely that there will always be a demand for an onsite PACS that does not require you to be permanently connected to the internet to view your medical imaging studies.

While the benefits of a cloud PACS are real and very different than those of an onsite PACS, using both, an onsite and cloud PACS in their optimal manner can enhance your use of medical imaging and keep your costs under control.

To get the best advantages from your onsite and cloud-based PACS, some medical practices have begun using cloud storage as a supplement to their existing PACS and vice versa. So, what are the advantages of keeping studies in the cloud and what are the factors that should play into your PACs architectural decision?

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6 Questions to Help You Avoid Disaster with a PACS Data Backup

There's no arguing that if you work in health care you need to protect the data in your picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Having good backups of your data is critical as a loss of protected health information (PHI) could be detrimental to your practice or hospital.

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Cloud or On-Site PACS? 5 Steps to Determining Which is Right for You

To use the cloud or not to use the cloud, that is the question. While locating your PACS in the cloud has become much more popular in the past few years, both cloud and on-site PACS have their specific merits. To cut through the confusion, we have outlined 5 considerations that should help you navigate this decision for your practice and answer the common question: Cloud or On-Site PACS?


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Relying on your PACS backup?

If your PACS failed tonight, could you still perform surgery in the morning? Could your radiologists still report imaging studies? Would your hospital operations slow to a crawl?

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