Spotlight: VitusVet Powered By Purview

The people over at VitusVet “love pets and believe in advocating for them because they can’t speak for themselves”. If you haven’t heard of them before, VitusVet is a thought leader in the veterinary industry truly providing patient driven solutions. Their product features a mobile app that any veterinarian or pet parent can access. Not only can veterinarians share patient images with specialists, the pet parent can then show those images to any veterinarian in the world to get a second opinion.

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Spotlight: Epica Powered By Purview

If you’re in the veterinary space, you’ve probably heard of Epica. If you haven’t, then you have come to the right place! The Epica way is a “better, safer, smarter” approach to veterinary care. Their amazing state of the art modalities are manufactured in Italy, the home of innovation and invention itself. But it doesn’t stop there - Epica’s team has created a technology that now allows the capability to treat animals suffering from conditions that were previously deemed untreatable or missed completely. It’s literally lifesaving technology.

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Share Images To Increase Customer Satisfaction At Your Vet Practice

Many veterinary practices rely on a PACS, or picture archiving and communication system, to store and manage their veterinary images. However, did you know that the capabilities of a PACS goes well beyond that? Indeed, you can now leverage your PACS solution to enable immediate sharing, access, and mobility with your veterinary images. By having these critical factors readily available to you, you can finally share your studies with other veterinarians, and even pet parents with a single click!

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What Veterinarians Need to Know About Mobile Veterinary Imaging

Whether it's a toy poodle or a working horse, people want to make sure their pets and farm animals receive the best medical treatment possible.

Similar to its human counterpart, medical imaging for animals has become an important part of diagnosis and treatment. However, some of the more advanced and expensive equipment required for imaging, like computed tomography (CT) scanners or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, is likely not part of the normal repertoire of most veterinary clinics.

Luckily, companies offering mobile medical imaging services are part of a growing trend as they will come directly to a veterinarian - or any other location an animal resides - to supplement the local vet's capabilities.

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6 Things You Need in Your Veterinary PACS

If you run a private veterinary practice that uses medical imaging technology, you may be confused by a myriad of PACS offerings, each claiming advantages over the other. Whether you are finally giving up developing film or moving from an integrated Practice Management System (PMS), understanding how to parse the various buzz words, platforms and offerings to determine what is right for you, is a daunting task.

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