How To Optimize Cloud PACS Usage At Multi-Site Medical Practices

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How Sharing Medical Imaging Studies Improves Patient Satisfaction

Many health care professionals and practices rely on a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to store and manage their medical images. However, the benefits of having a modern PACS can extend beyond the storage of images and can become an integral part of the delivery of health care.

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Becoming advocates of our own healthcare

Each year executives across the country are faced with tough decisions regarding the provision of health care insurance to their employees. Questions like what type of coverage to provide, how much employees should contribute towards this insurance, and which employees are covered, are coming under much more scrutiny than in the past.

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Top 4 reasons why healthcare technology is impeding patient care

Learn why technology is impeding patient care and discover why healthcare isn't more efficient.

You would think in today's interconnected world, sharing or transmission of medical images would be easy. But, while technology enables us to connect in ways we never thought possible, it also does its fair share to deter its use in patient care. Here are the top reasons technology is holding back medical imaging progress.

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Why does my doctor want to control my images?

As we discussed in our previous blog post, whomever took your scan legally owns the image. Despite that, we raised several reasons that patients should be interested in controlling their own images. But where do my doctors fit into this puzzle?

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